Why You Should Replace Spray Foam With Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation sprayed onto an attic in a new home

Cellulose insulation is a state-of-the-art product that keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It’s not the only insulation product on the market, but it’s one of the most versatile and cost-effective. Today’s blog from Valley Insulation discusses several reasons why you should replace spray foam with cellulose insulation for […]

How Our Blown-In Insulation Machine Works

Valley Insulation truck in front of a house with vacuum tubes

Valley Insulation specializes in high-quality Nu-Wool cellulose insulation. Our blown-in insulation fills your attic to the proper depth, and it completely fills your walls up to 3-½ inches thick. In today’s blog from Valley Insulation, we describe how our blown-in insulation machine works. Related Post: Nu-Wool Recycled Insulation Facts and Figures One Giant Vacuum in […]

How Cellulose Insulation Prevents Costly Ice Dams on Your Roof

Ice Dam Cellulose Insulation Valley Insulation

Ice dams form on the roofs of buildings after snowstorms. They occur when the temperature of the roof warms up, melts the snow, and then causes water to trickle down towards the gutters. Once the water reaches the gutters, it refreezes and forms ice. The ice then weighs down the gutter and may cause damage, […]

How Borate Improves Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Insulation Valley Insulation

Cellulose insulation is one of the top products we use at Valley Insulation. Our teams install Nu-Wool insulation in attics, walls, and crawlspaces to make your home or business more comfortable and more energy-efficient. This brand of insulation has a lot more going for it than just increasing your comfort or lowering your utility bills. […]

Nu-Wool Recycled Insulation Facts and Figures

Nu-Wool Insulation Cellulose Insulation

Valley Insulation utilizes high-quality Nu-Wool insulation on all of our projects. This cellulose insulation comes from recycled newspapers for an eco-friendly product. We trust in the effectiveness of this product because it delivers top-notch results, reduces waste in landfills, and helps make homes and businesses more comfortable. Today’s blog from Valley Insulation talks about the […]

Drilling Holes for Wall Insulation? How We Protect Your Home

Bag of Cellulose Insulation

Valley Insulation has more than 40 years of experience in the insulation industry in Greater Cincinnati. We can install high-quality wall insulation within a new or existing residence or business property. The drill and blow method may sound complicated, but we take great care to protect your home and leave it looking good as new. […]

Valley Insulation Explains How to Maximize Insulation During the Summer

Valley Insulation Home Insulation Summer

Summer days in Greater Cincinnati can reach into the mid-90s, making your home a lot hotter. Hot summers also increase your utility bills due to more demand placed on your air conditioning system. Valley Insulation explains how to maximize your home insulation during the summer to lower your utility bills as much as possible. Reducing […]

How Insulation Works to Protect Your Home

Cellulose Insulation

Humans have been trying to insulate homes from the elements ever since Ancient Egyptians used mud bricks to try to keep hot summers at bay. Insulation eventually turned to asbestos starting with the Ancient Greeks and going all the way until the 1970s in modern homes. In today’s blog, Valley Insulation discusses how insulation works […]

Amazing Cellulose Insulation Facts

Cellulose Insulation in Between Studs in an Attic

Cellulose insulation is a high-quality, eco-friendly product. It helps regulate temperatures inside your home or business while potentially lowering your monthly utility bills. The materials come from recycled newspapers and other paper products, which allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. We specialize in using Nu-Wool cellulose insulation for many of our installs. In today’s […]

Valley Insulation Explains How We Install Cellulose Insulation

Valley Insulation truck outside of a home with tubes for blowing cellulose insulation

Valley Insulation specializes in cellulose insulation simply because we believe it’s the best product on the market. Not only is it an efficient, environmentally friendly material, but blow-in insulation creates a custom fit that fills any gaps in your walls, floors, and attic. In today’s blog, Valley Insulation explains precisely what happens when we install […]