How Deep Should Cellulose Insulation Be in Your Attic?

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Properly insulating your attic can prevent many unnecessary headaches and hassles. Having the correct amount of insulation not only reduces your energy costs but also ensures that your home remains at a comfortable temperature all year long. Proper insulation prevents erosion from water vapors and cuts back on heat buildup in your attic (which can make the shingles on your roof crack).

So now that you know why insulation in your attic is so essential, the next logical question is: How much cellulose insulation should be in your attic?

What factors determine attic insulation depth?

Cellulose and fiberglass insulation are both common types of insulation used in homes. The preferred amount of cellulose insulation in your attic will vary depending on the following factors:

  • Where you live: Depending on where you live in the United States, you may need a higher or lower R-value of insulation. (R-value is a measure of thermal resistance or resistance to the flow of heat. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulation’s effectiveness.) Cincinnati has warm and humid summers and frigid winters, so a higher R-value is preferred.
  • How old your home is: If your house is more than ten years old, you’ll likely need to add more insulation to your attic. How much you need to add will depend on the current condition of your existing insulation. An experienced insulation contractor can assess your attic insulation and provide trustworthy recommendations.

How deep should cellulose insulation be in my attic?

According to, most attics’ recommended cellulose insulation level is to insulate to R-38 (about 10 to 14 inches). However, homeowners in the Cincinnati area should take into consideration the climate and adjust accordingly. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that attics in Cincinnati-area homes are insulated to an R-value of 38-60. For cellulose insulation, that’s about 13 to 16 inches deep.

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Properly insulating your attic will make your home more comfortable and put money back in your wallet. Suppose you’d like to improve the existing insulation in your attic. In that case, a Valley Insulation professional can help you determine how much additional insulation is necessary and what type of insulation best fits your needs and budget. Contact us today at (513) 353-4100 to get a quote from one of our highly trained insulation installers.

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