Does Cellulose Insulation Smell? Our Home Insulation Expert Answers

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Cellulose insulation represents an eco-friendly option for your home’s exterior walls, attic, crawlspace and interior walls. Whether you want insulation for sound-deadening properties, temperature control, or both, Valley Insulation can get the job done right. In today’s blog, our home insulation expert answers a frequently asked question, “Does cellulose insulation smell?”

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It Smells Vaguely Like Newspapers

Cellulose insulation, like the Nu-Wool system we use at Valley Insulation, comes from recycled newspapers. Therefore, it may smell a little bit like newspapers. However, it shouldn’t smell much like anything. Cellulose insulation is supposed to be odorless. When our technicians come to your place to provide a quote or install home insulation, ask us to bring a sample of Nu-Wool. We’d be happy to show you the product and alleviate your concerns about any smells. When we apply NuWool to your home, our team installs it completely dry.

What About Leftover Insulation?

The technicians at Valley Insulation work quickly and efficiently to take care of your home. We generally finish a job within an afternoon. Our teams vacuum up any and all insulation that doesn’t make it into your attic or walls. We’ll re-use the insulation later. There shouldn’t be any visible cellulose insulation left when we’re done.

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Sealing the Walls

For existing walls, our technicians cut small holes (2.5 inches in diameter) into the drywall. We save the circles of drywall that we cut. Our teams use these circles to seal the walls after we finish the job. Therefore, you won’t notice the hole that we drilled. Sealing the wall means you shouldn’t smell anything, even a faint newspaper smell. The additives, such as borate, don’t give off any odors whatsoever, per the spec sheet.

What About Spraying With Water?

Technicians at Valley Insulation may spray Nu-Wool with water in some circumstances. But this only applies to new construction. When we get into a new home that’s still under construction, we add a small amount of water to Nu-Wool WallSeal so it sticks to the wall cavity. We shave away the excess material and then let it stand for 48 hours before the drywall goes over it. The exposure to the air allows the cellulose insulation to dry thoroughly before covering it. There’s no damp smell whatsoever.

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Nu-Wool Home Insulation by Valley Insulation

Nu-Wool is an odorless and eco-friendly home insulation product that helps keep your home comfortable for years to come. Talk to us about residential insulation installation. Contact us or call 513.353.4100 for more details.

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