Valley Insulation Explains How We Install Cellulose Insulation

Valley Insulation specializes in cellulose insulation simply because we believe it’s the best product on the market. Not only is it an efficient, environmentally friendly material, but blow-in insulation creates a custom fit that fills any gaps in your walls, floors, and attic. In today’s blog, Valley Insulation explains precisely what happens when we install cellulose insulation in your home.

Look for a Central Location

We start by setting our equipment in a central location or garage. We keep the large blower in one room and move from room to room using long, flexible tubes. The tubing used to distribute cellulose insulation can get quite long. Luckily, the blower is powerful.

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Bring a Machine and Blocks of Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation starts as a compact block of fibers wrapped in plastic. It’s easier to store blocks of insulation instead of having it already loose. Think of these blocks as hay bales with the compact material ready to be loosened up and spread out. We bring in a machine that both breaks up the block of Nu-Wool cellulose insulation and blows it into the tubing.

The top of the machine has a large, square opening that allows us to easily put the block of insulation into it. Metal rods rotate to break-up the insulation into small pieces. A blower in the bottom then moves the cellulose insulation into flexible plastic tubing. The tubing allows us to distribute the insulation.

Blow Cellulose Insulation Into Your Attic or Wall

Think of this next part like using a garden hose. We blow attic insulation onto the floor of the attic, moving the tubing back and forth until we cover all of the surfaces. This allows the cellulose insulation to cover every possible area, no matter how small.

For wall insulation, we cut a small hole 2-½” in diameter into your existing wall. Then, we connect our tubing to the hole and blow insulation into it. The cellulose insulation fibers fill all areas behind the wall, including any spots around pipes, wires, electrical outlets, and light switches.

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Cellulose Insulation in Cincinnati, Ohio

After we blow the cellulose insulation, we may sculpt and shape it. This is especially true for attic insulation. We can spread out the cellulose fibers to make it fit between wooden ceiling supports and create a smooth layer.

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