New Construction

Are you a developer constructing several homes? Building a new custom home as a single homeowner? Looking for a way to improve a home’s value? Want to save on future utility bills? The staff at Valley Insulation can install Nu-Wool cellulose insulation with its Wallseal system. We will give you an honest quote for your new home in Cincinnati and Dayton.

Insulation for Your New Home

We fill in the stud cavities of your home with Nu-Wool cellulose insulation to provide an efficiently insulated home. Nu-Wool’s Wallseal system is an eco-friendly product made of recycled newspapers.

Attic joists filled with gray cellulose insulation

Meets New Building Codes

The FTC has specifications and standards for insulation installation for new homes. Our experienced team will install high-quality blow-in insulation made of recycled newsprint.

Nu-Wool Wallseal System

Nu-Wool Wallseal densely packs small particles that can save up to 40% more compared to traditional batts. Eco-friendly cellulose insulation has a superior thermal resistance and high R-values.

Corner room in a home filled with gray cellulose insulation

How Does Nu-Wool Wallseal Work?

Our staff sprays a light amount of water on the cellulose insulation, which helps it to stick within the studs of walls. The moisture also helps the individual particles stay formed in the wall and keeps it dense to improve R-value. This insulation prevents airflow between rooms and from the outside to help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.