Commercial Insulation

Commercial insulation can reduce your utility bills while improving the comfort of the space for your employees and customers in Cincinnati, Dayton, Indiana, and Kentucky. No commercial project is too big or small, whether your building is 100 years old or brand-new.

Installing Insulation For Your Commercial Building

We install Nu-Wool cellulose insulation wherever your building needs it. We’ll make an energy assessment and then determine where insulation is appropriate. Nu-Wool doesn’t interfere with pipes or wires while staying airtight.

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Lowering Energy Bills Insulation Product

Nu-Wool cellulose insulation is lowering energy bills and is competitively priced. It attaches to sheathing and studs within walls to form a seamless bond. It also fills in spaces between wires and pipes while deadening sounds.

Class A Fire Rating

Nu-Wool cellulose insulation has a Class A fire rating and has undergone more than 50 UL-approved 1, 2, and 3-hour firewall tests. This product contains 100% borate-based, permanent fire retardants.

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Sound Deadening Properties

When installed properly by Valley Insulation, our cellulose insulation product can deaden sound between rooms. This is particularly important for financial, health care, and legal firms where privacy is necessary. Think about noisy rooms in a factory or warehouse where hearing protection is important and sound deadening can help reduce noise.