Read testimonials from satisfied customers of Valley Insulation, insulating the Ohio River Valley since 1977. We specialize in high-quality Nu-Wool Insulation, blow-in cellulose insulation for attics, walls, crawl spaces, and ceilings.

The work was completed in a professional manner. The sales person, Kimberly Quinn, was extremely knowledgeable and was in contact with me throughout the process. The installers arrived on time and went straight to work. The installers were very professional, carefull to not make a mess and cleaned up what little mess was unavoidable. Ms. Quinn made a follow up call the next day to make sure everything was satisfactory and checking to see if i was happy with the work. I was very satisfied with the work and impressed with how efficient the installers were. I assured Ms. Quinn that I would definitely be calling her the next time I was in need of insuation (which I have already done).

Very professional, prompt and did a good job. Cleaned up after themselves. I was very happy with this company. I really liked that there were no hidden costs and everything was included in the estimate, including tax.

They did what they said they would do and did a nice job.

The crew checked to make sure no openings to the basement such as cold air returns would permit the insulation to escape the wall cavities. The 50-foot hose was sufficient so that the machine had to be moved only once outside the house. After some initial clogging problems the filling proceeded with no delays. The crew didn't stop for lunch and were finished in under six hours. They cleaned up spillage of cellulose outside when a hose came loose from the blower. They also vacuumed inside with an over-the-hill machine and were assisted in this by me with our Shop-Vac. Most of the dust comes from drilling into the drywall and covering furniture is recommended. I was impressed by the crew's skills. Having tried to do the job with inferior rental equipment, I appreciated their abilities to minimize back spray and clogging. Over 35 50-lb. bundles of insulation were used in the job. I supplied some fiberglass insulation to block off cold air returns. The crew left me the invoice which I paid by check in the mail. I requested and received a receipt. Although we have had no real cold temperatures so far, the rooms are warmer and quieter. (Last winter I measured a 5+ degree difference between inside and outside wall temperatures.) I estimate that the R-value for the exterior wall is now close to 19 and that air infiltration has been reduced or even stopped.