Is Cellulose Insulation Flammable?


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One of the things that we are most often asked regarding our cellulose insulation is how a product made out of recycled newspaper could not be a fire hazard. It is a question that makes sense — newspaper is combustible — so is cellulose insulation flammable?

The answer is no. Federal regulations require insulation to meet certain safety standards, plus it is in the best interest of insulation manufacturers to ensure that their product is not a threat to their customers’ lives. As such, manufacturers and producers of cellulose insulation have developed ways to make their product extremely fire resistant. In fact, Nu-Wool’s cellulose insulation received a Class I fire rating.

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The Key Is In Pre-Treatment

The way that recycled newspaper is transformed into such an excellent fire retardant lies in the treatment that manufacturers put into the cellulose insulation. During the manufacturing process, cellulose insulation is treated with a class I fire retardant — borate. Borate treatment gives cellulose the highest fire safety rating available. In addition, recent studies suggest that cellulose is denser than fiberglass and thus restricts the oxygen necessary to burn structural members.

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Thorough Testing

Our cellulose insulation is thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets all fire safety standards required. Nu-Wool performs the “Firewall Test” where cellulose insulation was placed beside a furnace with temperatures in excess of 1800 degrees without igniting. Cellulose was found to provide an increase in the fire resistance performance of 22%-55%.

No Negative Impact on Insulation Performance

Even with the incredible fire safety offered by our insulation, it also performs incredibly for insulation factors. The R-Value rating, which measures the energy efficiency of cellulose, found our cellulose insulation offers 3.8 R-Value per inch. Our blow-in method of application ensures that your home has a seamless bond in wall cavities. This bond provides incredible performance for any type of building, regardless of shape or design.

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Fire Resistant Cellulose Insulation in Cincinnati

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