Five Ways to Insulate Your Windows in the Winter by Valley Insulation

Man’s hands installing weather stripping along a window

Valley Insulation installs quality Nu-Wool cellulose insulation in homes and commercial buildings in Greater Cincinnati. Winter is upon us, which means home insulation can help keep your home warmer. In today’s blog from Valley Insulation, we showcase five ways to insulate your windows in the winter. 

1. Window Insulation Film

Hardware stores generally have window insulator kits that use plastic shrink wrap to create an insulating layer. Double-sided tape keeps the film in place. Just use a hair dryer to shrink the wrap and remove any wrinkles. You might have to clean some of the tape residue off in the spring, but that should be minimal. 

2. Magnetic Window Insulation

Magnetic kits hold a layer of insulating vinyl in place over the window. The magnets make it easy to remove the vinyl, open the window for a while, then snap the vinyl back into place afterward. You can use magnetic paint along your window frames to attach this type of insulation. 

3. Rope Caulk

You may have cracks or crevices around your window frames, particularly in older homes with aged wood. Rope caulk works like silly putty. You can use as much or as little as you need to fill in cracks, crevices, and holes around the edges of your windows. Consider using rope caulk on the outside of your home, too.

4. Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains have a special lining in them that holds warm air in during the winter. Curtains work well because you can open them on warm days. Look for thermal curtains at your home decor store. These items also help block light and noise.

5. Wall Insulation From Valley Insulation

Exterior wall insulation helps make your windows more effective, particularly in the joists immediately surrounding the windows. The team at Valley Insulation can install high-quality Nu-Wool cellulose insulation in your exterior walls to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. We can also give you tips for weatherproofing your windows.

Home Insulation by Valley Insulation

Talk to us about installing home insulation at your residence. We serve the Cincinnati area with exterior wall insulation that makes your home more comfortable. Contact us online or call 513.353.4100 for more details.

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