Cellulose Insulation: Why It’s a Smart Choice

Why Cellulose Insulation Is a Smart Choice

At Valley Insulation, we are committed to providing the best possible insulation services, customized for each client to conserve energy and save money. In today’s blog, our experts take a closer look at cellulose insulation and why it is a smart choice for home and business owners.


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Cellulose is safe and environmentally friendly. It is made of paper that has been chemically treated to provide it with permanent fire resistance. Independent testing confirms that it is safe, and cellulose insulation is approved by all building codes. Furthermore, according to the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association, insulating a 1500 square foot house with cellulose will recycle as much newspaper as an individual will consume in 40 years. Cellulose has a slightly better R-value than fiberglass and provides greater resistance to air leakage.



Once you’ve chosen the right material, an efficient insulation system needs thoughtful preparation and it’s a good idea to ensure there is no air leakage in the structure prior to insulation. Check for gaps around windows, and plumbing and electrical outlets, as these very common areas of leakage in any structure. Also, check for leaks in the attic, electrical lights, fan housings, pipes, and wires.


Blown Cellulose

Blown cellulose can be installed in new and existing structures. It’s very popular in retrofit applications because existing wall finishes are not removed to install the insulation. It’s also favored in attic applications because you can blow unrestricted depths of fiber to achieve deep coverage with less labor. While some construction-savvy homeowners might be able to install blown cellulose, it does require special equipment and is often best left to trusted professionals like those at Valley Insulation. Damp-sprayed cellulose also provides an effective solution, especially for open wall cavities in new construction.


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