Valley Insulation is a certified Nu-Wool installer and uses Nu-Wool cellulose insulation for our customers. But what is Nu-Wool, and who can benefit from it?

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What Is Nu-Wool?

An eco-friendly insulation option, Nu-Wool is a building insulation made of 86% recycled newspaper. It can be used in both residential and commercial buildings and is both affordable and energy efficient. It is typically used as “blow-in” insulation, meaning the loose cellulose insulation is blown into the walls, attic, or crawlspace using a special machine.

How Is Nu-Wool Different From Other Insulation?

Nu-Wool is one of the greenest insulation options available. It is made of 86% recycled content, with at least 65% of that being recycled paper products. Using Nu-Wool prevents this paper from ending up in a landfill. 

Is Nu-Wool Insulation Eco-Friendly?

Yes! Being made with recycled paper makes Nu-Wool one of the most eco-friendly insulation products on the market. There is also very little waste in the application process, and Nu-Wool’s product bags are fully recyclable. Structures insulated with cellulose also have a smaller carbon footprint and are often more energy efficient.

Is Nu-Wool Insulation Fire Resistant?

The insulation is treated with a fire retardant and has a Class A fire rating. Nu-Wool has been tested by technicians at several different universities and research centers, and they have found that the fire retardant does not degrade over time and should last the life of the insulation.

What Is Nu-Wool’s R-Rating?

Nu-Wool has a 3.8 R per inch R-value rating. 

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Who Should Use Nu-Wool Insulation?

Anyone looking to replace or upgrade their home insulation should consider using Nu-Wool. Your home does not have to be older to upgrade your insulation. If you are looking for lower energy costs and a more environmentally friendly way to insulate your home or business, you will benefit from replacing old insulation with Nu-Wool.

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