Common Maintenance Issues for Home Insulation

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As time passes, older home insulation may suffer from common issues that can reduce the efficiency of your thermal barrier and have a negative impact on the health of your family in the home. At Valley Insulation, we are here for you. When a problem arises, we will assess your unique needs and offer you a permanent solution that will stand the test of time.

Water Damage

Whether it occurs because of a leaky roof, faulty plumbing, or a weather-related event such as a flood, water damage can be devastating to the integrity of your home. That’s why the pros at Valley Insulation plan ahead by using the best materials and techniques, designed to handle any foreseeable situation. We use the advanced Nu-Wool Sealant System, a top-of-the-line cellulose insulation that is uniquely able to adhere to the framing in the walls of your home, so exposure to water does not result in sagging or gapping. The Nu-Wool System is also specially treated to be highly resistant to mold and mildew.


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If you have water damage issues with the insulation in your home, don’t wait, contact Valley Insulation for a comprehensive assessment.

Fire Damage

If you have had fire damage to the structure of your home, it is very likely that the integrity of your insulation has been compromised. The pros at Valley Insulation will conduct a thorough assessment of the quality of the thermal barrier in your home. We can utilize thermal imaging technology so you can see exactly where the integrity of your insulation is failing. At Valley Insulation, we plan ahead, utilizing home insulation solutions that are certified fire retardant with a UL Class 1 Rating to keep your family safe and minimize damage in the event of a fire.

Pest and Rodent Damage

Unfortunately, pest and rodent damage is a common issue in older homes. An assessment from the pros at Valley Insulation can determine the extent of the problem, and we will provide you with solutions to fix the problem the right way. New home insulation from Valley Insulation provides industry-leading protection from pests and rodents. We offer top of the line insulation materials that are pest and rodent resistant and advanced installation techniques to fill nooks and crannies, so there are no vulnerabilities in your home’s thermal barrier.

Improper Installation or Outdated Home Insulation Materials

Not all home insulation installers offer the quality and reliability of Valley Insulation. You may have hot spots and undesirable air penetration in your home, costing you in both energy bills and quality of life at home. If your home suffers from thermal loss due to improper or outdated installation, let us fix it properly. With more than 40 years of professional success, at Valley Insulation our experience makes all the difference.


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Maintenance Issues Happen, Valley Insulation is Here to Help

We believe that quality workmanship and the best materials result in a lifelong benefit to our customers. If you are having problems with your current insulation installation, contact Valley Insulation today to schedule an on-site assessment of your home.

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