Why Cellulose Insulation Is Environmentally Friendly


Installation of cellulose insulation in home.

Why Choosing Cellulose Insulation is Better for the Environment

Getting cellulose insulation installed in your home has many benefits. Both for you and for the environment. Nu-Wool cellulose insulation has a long history of being the most environmentally-friendly insulation product on the market.


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For over 65 years Nu-Wool has used recycled newspaper to manufacture their insulation. Not only is the material used to make our cellulose insulation sustainable and made from recycled newspaper, but having excellent insulation installed in your home will provide you with huge energy savings. Learn why cellulose insulation is the best choice for your next home in Valley Insulation’s blog.


Nu-Wool Cellulose Insulation Manufacturing Practices

Nu-Wool cellulose insulation contains 86% recycled material with 65% of that being recycled newspapers. Nu-Wool processes over 150 tons of recycled paper each business day, which prevents excess paper waste from being added to existing landfills.


In addition, the process for manufacturing cellulose insulation is much less energy-intense than fiberglass. It takes over ten times less energy to produce cellulose compared to fiberglass. The best part — the two materials are competitively priced and cellulose insulation outperforms fiberglass in sound control. If you are looking for the best value in insulation, cellulose insulation is the obvious choice.


Cellulose Insulation Provides Major Energy Savings in Your Home

Not only is the manufacturing process more environmentally friendly, but installing cellulose insulation in your home can lead to major savings in your energy bill. Regardless of the season, an insulated home reduces your energy bill by nearly 50% compared to an uninsulated home.


When comparing cellulose insulation and fiberglass performance, the difference lies in the method of installation. Cellulose insulation is generally applied using a blow-in method, allowing it to be installed in all wall cavities, eliminating the air pockets and voids that are common with fiberglass insulation. The experts at Valley Insulation are trained and certified to consistently and correctly install the material in your attic and walls.


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Not only will you save more on your energy bill, but cellulose is acoustically superior to fiberglass. Whether you are installing in an apartment building or you simply want your laundry room to be less noisy, cellulose will provide you with the quietness your building needs.


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