Know What To Expect During A Professional Energy Audit

A professional audit can help you understand how much energy your home requires to heat and cool successfully. An energy audit can seem a bit costly, but it is the first step to reducing the amount of energy your home utilizes. After determining your energy expenditure, consult the experts at Valley Insulation to resolve your home’s energy issues.

What Is An Energy Audit And Why Should I Get One?

An energy audit involves a professional auditor investigating your home to determine the areas of your home that are the most and the least energy efficient. You should get a professional energy audit if your home is inefficient and if you feel noticeable differences in temperature in a number of areas of your home. If you notice that your heating or cooling bills are spiking, it is a good idea to contact a professional auditor. The auditor will complete a series of tests.

What Are The Primary Components of Energy Audits?

A professional auditor will meet with you in your home. He or she will ask you questions about how comfortable different sections of your home are and will also review the bills carefully. The auditor may use specialized equipment in order to analyze your home. The auditor will complete a blower door test and may use infrared cameras. They will test for air leakage around doors, and windows, and will check existing insulation in the attic and basement. If your home is not considered efficient, you have options. Replacing insulation can help improve your energy efficiency. Over time, insulation can degrade and become less effective, thus affecting your energy usage. Foam insulation can be utilized to help fill cracks and crevices that could be allowing the elements in.

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Valley Insulation Is The Next Step Toward Efficiency

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