Why Is Wall Insulation Important?

What Is The Purpose of Wall Insulation?

As millennials enter the housing market, many are learning that there’s so much more that goes into a house than they may have ever realized while living with their parents. In fact, it’s not uncommon to be asked what the importance of wall insulation really is. For many, it was always that strange cotton candy-looking stuff in the attic that they were told to stay away from.

But wall insulation is very important to maintaining the comfortability of a home, and it’s not just all about the temperature. For anyone who needs a crash-course in why insulation is important and what it’s all about, today’s blog entry should answer just that.

It Creates a Thermal Boundary

Remember talking about density in science class? Wall insulation is good for many of its own qualities, but it also works by adding density to your walls. You see, wall insulation fills in the space between your walls, creating more stuff for heat to move through to transfer about the house. By ensuring that your home has proper wall insulation, you ensure that your home air remains at a steadier temperature by disallowing heat to escape through the spaces between the walls.

It’s Not Just About Heat

Temperature control is typically cited as the primary function of wall insulation. And it’s true that insulation for walls, ceilings, floors, and crawlspaces is really good at helping you maintain a comfortable living temperature in your home. But stuffing your walls with blankets or packing peanuts (something we really don’t advise) could help do the same thing. Wall insulation like cellulose has properties of its own that are beneficial. Cellulose is flame retardant, treated to discourage pests and rodents from making their home in your walls, and it offers a good degree of sound dampening.

It’s Best Handled by a Professional

While DIY projects are still booming alongside the popularity of image-based social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, many young people entering the housing market are taking on a bit more than they can handle. Wall insulation is best handled and installed by a team of professionals. Save the DIY stuff for something a little less sensitive than your home’s lasting comfortability.

Trust Valley Insulation to Install Your Wall Insulation

Wall insulation isn’t just about saving money on your utility bills. It helps keep the noise level down in a busy house, it deters pests and rodents, and it’s flame retardant. And most importantly of all its benefits: it helps you keep your home comfortable, just like a home should be. The team at Valley Insulation has been helping the Greater Cincinnati area comfortable in their homes for over 40 years, and we’re excited to work with young families investing in new construction or insulation upgrades for an existing home. Give us a call to get started today.

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