Valley Insulation Explains Why You Need Proper Air Sealing to Lower Your Utility Bills

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Before you add new home insulation or commercial insulation to your property, you must seal any air that may transfer between the inside and outside of your building. Air that travels freely between the structure and the outside reduces the effectiveness of your insulation and can even negate new insulation. In today’s blog from Valley […]

Why Fall Is Perfect for Installing New Home Insulation

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You’ve decided to get new home insulation. It’s a wise investment that can lower your utility bills, increase the sale price on your property, and make everyone inside more comfortable. As the weather turns colder in southwestern Ohio and southeastern Indiana, your thoughts probably turn to winter coats and turning on the furnace. Today’s blog […]

Know What To Expect During A Professional Energy Audit

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A professional audit can help you to understand how much energy your home requires to heat and cool successfully. An energy audit can seem a bit costly, but it is the first step to reducing the amount of energy your home utilizes. After determining your energy expenditure, consult the experts at Valley Insulation to resolve […]

Valley Insulation: R-Value Explained

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Valley Insulation is committed to providing the best insulation services, customized for each of our clients to conserve energy, save money, and exceed expectations. With over 40 years of experience, our staff works hard to provide customized service.   If providing insulation service is not your business, you might not know what all the language […]

Valley Insulation: Ways to Audit Your Home for Energy Efficiency

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Proper insulation is a hugely important part of your home. At Valley Insulation, we know that insulation is an important part of soundproofing and fire prevention, in addition to the more commonly known benefit of temperature control. Insulation is one of many factors that can help your home run efficiently, so it is an important […]