Attic Insulation: Faced or Unfaced

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Air migrates from warmer spaces toward colder spaces, and insulation is designed to slow or stop that migration. Because attics reflect outside temperatures, attic insulation is essential to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home year-round.  The experts at Valley Insulation explain attic insulation — specifically, batting attic insulation and facing materials. Whether you choose […]

5 Signs You Need Your Insulation Replaced

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Home insulation isn’t something most people check regularly. It’s hidden inside the walls, the attic, and the crawlspace, so it’s easy to forget it’s even there!  Though insulation usually needs very little maintenance and can last for decades, it is important to watch for signs that your insulation is degrading and needs to be replaced. […]

Why You Need to Remove Asbestos Home or Commercial Insulation ASAP

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Valley Insulation uses premium Nu-Wool cellulose insulation for attics and walls. This is a fantastic, eco-friendly product that provides sound-deadening properties, fire resistance, and an R-value of 3.8 per inch. As modern insulation goes, it doesn’t get much better than Nu-Wool.  Before the experts at Valley Insulation install Nu-Wool, we might need to remove some […]

How Our Staff Handles Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal Valley Insulation

Insulation removal is a vital step before our teams install new commercial or home insulation. Old insulation can reduce the effectiveness of new products, allow intrusions from pests, or even create health hazards for humans. That’s why we take care to remove as much old insulation as possible ahead of replacing it with new cellulose […]

Common Sources of Water Damage to Attic Insulation

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Valley Insulation Explains Common Sources of Water Damage to Attic Insulation When homeowners think about water damage, it is often the basement or the crawlspace that springs to mind. However, attics can suffer from moisture problems just as easily. Since most of us don’t spend time in the attic, leaks can often go unnoticed for […]