Why You Need to Remove Asbestos Home or Commercial Insulation ASAP

Valley Insulation Asbestos Home or Commercial Insulation

Valley Insulation uses premium Nu-Wool cellulose insulation for attics and walls. This is a fantastic, eco-friendly product that provides sound-deadening properties, fire resistance, and an R-value of 3.8 per inch. As modern insulation goes, it doesn’t get much better than Nu-Wool. 

Before the experts at Valley Insulation install Nu-Wool, we might need to remove some insulation from your home or commercial facility. If we discover asbestos in your building, you need to remove it as soon as possible. Here’s why.

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Where to Find Asbestos

Asbestos was used in new construction up until the early 1970s. It was found in construction materials, automotive parts, home commercial insulation in walls and attics, vinyl tiles in floors, shingles, siding, pipe insulation, heat-resistant fabrics, and automobile brakes. Officials then banned asbestos in new construction because they determined it causes cancer.

What Asbestos Looks Like

Asbestos comes from natural minerals found in the earth. It looks like a layer of fibers in gray, blue, black, and brown. When mixed with other materials, you may not even be able to tell what asbestos looks like. It’s often a stiff material. However, asbestos can crumble easily in your hand. 

Why Asbestos Is Dangerous in Home & Commercial Insulation

Asbestos is most dangerous when it’s friable or when it crumbles easily. Fibers in the asbestos go airborne when it crumbles. These minerals can become lodged in your lungs and cause some major problems. Health effects may not happen for years, but asbestos is known to cause lung cancer or other serious respiratory problems for those exposed to it. Health effects become more dangerous the more you’re exposed to friable asbestos fibers. If you believe you’ve been exposed to asbestos, medical scans and tests can detect any illnesses.

When to Call Insulation Removal Professionals

Home and commercial insulation are the most common instances of friable asbestos, particularly if the building was constructed in the 1970s or earlier. Asbestos removal must be handled by professionals. They know how to protect themselves and their health while getting rid of the leftover fibers. Asbestos cleanup requires a thorough process from start to finish because every fiber must be removed.

Home Insulation by Valley Insulation

Valley Insulation specializes in home and commercial insulation installation and removal. Asbestos is very hazardous to human health. If you believe your home or commercial facility has asbestos, you need to get it removed immediately. Contact Valley Insulation or call (513) 353-4100 for a consultation.

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