5 Easy Ways to Prep Your Home for Winter Weather

Winter weather is on its way, and the best time to prepare for it is now. There are some great steps you can take ahead of time to make sure your home is prepared to tackle the cold.

Valley Insulation explains five easy ways to prepare your home for freezing winter weather.

1. Clean Your Gutters

The end of fall is a great time to check your gutters because they are likely full of leaves. Even if you don’t have any trees touching your home, you would be surprised about how much debris the wind will blow in.

Gutters clogged with dead leaves and sticks won’t drain and will instead fill with water and overflow off the sides. Once the freezing temperatures hit, that water will turn to ice, which can cause damage to your gutters and drains, and cause potentially large icicle formations.

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2. Seal Your Windows and Doors

The seals around windows and doors degrade over time, allowing cold air to seep in. It isn’t as noticeable during nicer temperatures, but once the weather starts to freeze, you’ll realize how much heat your home is losing.

You can often find tubes of weather sealant at any local home improvement store, and it is easy to do yourself.

3. Get Your Heating System Checked

Consider checking your furnace before the cold weather hits to be sure it is up to date on maintenance and repairs. You want to know that your heat will work properly before you have to use it.

Waiting until a problem occurs may leave you in a bad spot during a time when temperatures outside are below freezing, and nasty weather might prevent a repair person from reaching you right away.

Even after getting your system checked, it could go out during a cold spell (or you could lose power), so think about creating a winter emergency kit for your home or car to keep your family safe.

4. Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Make sure you have the proper amount of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for your home, and that they all have batteries and are working correctly. These devices can save your family in the event of a fire or gas leak, which could otherwise go unnoticed and result in serious injuries.

If you do not have a smoke detector or need help installing one, contact your local fire department. They have someone who will come and assist you.

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5. Check Your Home Insulation

A properly insulated home, attic, and crawlspace will help keep you and your family warm this winter. Insulation can break down over time or due to damage, and it will eventually need to be replaced. An improperly insulated house will have trouble maintaining a comfortable temperature, and it can leave you will unnecessarily high energy bills.

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