Why Your Home Needs Interior Wall Insulation

When you think of home insulation, you probably think of thick insulation in your attic, basement, crawl space, or exterior walls. However, wall insulation for the interior of your home is also an essential part of your home insulation plan. Valley Insulation explains why your home needs interior wall insulation.


Cellulose insulation reduces noise transmission from room to room. You can enjoy your favorite TV show in one room while your spouse reads in another room and your teenager listens to rock music upstairs. Interior wall insulation makes it possible for your whole family to enjoy their favorite activities without bothering one another with noise.


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Maintaining Comfort

Wall insulation maintains an even temperature in each room because it prevents temperature transfer between the walls. This comes in particularly handy for rooms with ceiling fans, space heaters, or zone-based thermostat controls. Insulation inside your interior walls allows each person to customize their comfort level.

Better Fire Rating and Pest Control

Our blow-in insulation is made of cellulose fibers treated with boron to resist mold. Cellulose insulation prevents pests, such as insects or rodents, from trying to live in your home. Our cellulose insulation also has a UL Class 1 fire rating, meaning the material is highly resistant to fire and burning. Using interior wall insulation will protect your home and your family every day from fire and pests.

Higher Resale Value

Interior wall insulation increases the resale value of your home if you ever decide to sell it. Homebuyers look for dwellings that are properly built and require no additional renovations or improvements. Showing potential buyers that your house is properly insulated can increase your home’s value because your home is move-in ready for the next owners.


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Perhaps the main reason you want the ideal amount of interior wall insulation is for better cost-efficiency. The proper thickness and R-value of home insulation can reduce your energy bills over time, thereby letting you reap the rewards of your investment. The longer you own your home after getting new insulation, the more money you save after adding interior home insulation.

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