Why Installing Attic Insulation Is Not a DIY Job

Attic insulation might seem like an easy thing to install in your home. You know your home pretty well, and you understand how to get into your attic and move items around. However, installing attic insulation isn’t a DIY job if you want it done right and for maximum effectiveness. Valley Insulation explains in today’s blog.


Your attic probably gets too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter for anyone to be up there for an extended period. Spending several hours in these temperatures makes it uncomfortable for you to install attic insulation. You might suffer from heat-related illness in the summer or hypothermia in the winter. For your health and safety, let the pros install insulation in your attic.


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Lots of Things to Move

Not only do you need to move anything in the room while you install attic insulation, but you must also move any equipment and supplies into place for you to complete the install. Are you prepared to move dozens of batts or rolls of insulation up and down the ladder or stairs to the attic? It may take you a few hours to accomplish this feat. An attic insulation company does all of the grunt work for you when it comes to moving supplies in and out of the attic.

The Right Tools

You need the right tools for installing attic insulation. If you go with fiberglass batts, you need a staple gun and staples. But you also should wear gloves, don protective clothing (long sleeves and jeans), and slip on a breathing mask. Make sure to have a box cutting knife and a tape measure to get the right fit. Blow-in insulation has its own set of tools. You need a long hose that should reach from your garage or ground-floor room up into the attic. Don’t forget an extension cord. Again, you would need clothing and a breathing mask to protect your health during the install. A professional home insulation company takes care of all of this for you.


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The Right Amount of Insulation

You may not realize just how much attic insulation your home requires. Professional home insulation installers show you precisely how much insulation you need, where to put it, and how much money it should save you with reduced utility bills. The amount of insulation and the thickness depends on your attic’s configuration, the type of material, and the material’s R-value.

Professional Attic Insulation Installers at Valley Insulation

Installing attic insulation isn’t a DIY job for the average homeowner. Our expert team at Valley Insulation makes it easy to install home insulation in your attic. We go over every detail, from the planning phase to what to expect on the day we put high-quality blow-in insulation in your attic. Contact us online or give us a call at (513) 353-4100 to get started.

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