Why Fall Is Perfect for Installing New Home Insulation

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You’ve decided to get new home insulation. It’s a wise investment that can lower your utility bills, increase the sale price on your property, and make everyone inside more comfortable. As the weather turns colder in southwestern Ohio and southeastern Indiana, your thoughts probably turn to winter coats and turning on the furnace. Today’s blog from Valley Insulation explains why autumn is the perfect time for new home insulation.

Dry, Beautiful Weather

September, October, and November shift to drier and cooler weather in Greater Cincinnati. You don’t have to run your air conditioning or heating as much. You probably open your windows a bit to let in the cool breeze. Because there aren’t extremely hot or frigid temperatures, fall is the perfect time to purchase and install new home insulation. You keep your utility costs under control when techs move in and out without affecting the internal temperature of your home.

Ahead of Winter

Home insulation is most effective when temperatures are sweltering in the summer or frigid in the winter. You want new home insulation before the winter chill sets in so you can maintain optimal comfort levels when the heat comes on. Plus, you don’t want your home to lose a lot of heat in the winter, which makes your furnace run longer. A constantly running furnace leads to higher utility costs.

Don’t Run Furnace or AC as Often

When your house gets new home insulation, there is a short period of time when the internal structure of the house doesn’t have any insulation whatsoever. Fall time has mild weather for the most part. Therefore, you don’t run your utilities as much. Mitigate your utility costs during the day when Valley Insulation technicians are at your house by scheduling new home insulation for the fall months.

Kids at School

Your older children start school in August. Autumn is a great time to install new home insulation because your children attend school when techs are on the property. Your family isn’t inconvenienced, and our techs work more efficiently when fewer people are in the house. We also ask that you monitor or restrict the movement of any pets during the times Valley Insulation personnel are in your home.

New Home Insulation From Valley Insulation

Valley Insulation prides itself on installing the highest-quality home insulation for your building. We use Nu-Wool insulation, an eco-friendly cellulose insulation that works well in attics and walls. Contact Valley Insulation or call (513) 353-4100 for a quote request.

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