When is the Best Time to Insulate Your House?

When Should You Insulate Your House

You already know that insulation is vital to your home’s comfort, yet you may not be aware of the intricacies of having it installed. Not only must you plan for the cost and type of insulation to be used, but you also need to know about timing. Read this blog from Valley Insulation to find out what to take into consideration to determine when new insulation should be installed.


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Consider the Season

The best time of year for an insulation upgrade depends on where you live. People living in warm climates will want to increase insulation before the hotter months. However, if you live in a cold climate, the best time to insulate a new or existing home is before the brisk weather hits.

Summer is usually a good option. Not only will the home be comfortable by the time temperatures dip to freezing or the snow falls, but you can get the installation scheduled at a convenient time before other homeowners start clamoring for appointments closer to winter.

Consider Convenience

The easiest time to insulate is whenever there is other work being done on the home. For example, if you are considering remodeling a room, adding on to the home or changing wiring or plumbing, you should decide if your home needs more insulation. You can consult a professional to determine this by inspecting the amount of insulation already installed and calculating what thickness is needed based on the zone where you live.

Consider Cost

If you aren’t planning other projects for the home, you will want to consider which season is best for installation. Some people living in a cold climate will wait until winter, hoping that prices will fall, but the cost of insulation usually remains constant throughout the year. Your best option is choosing an installation time that will increase energy cost savings.

Consider Energy Savings

Installing insulation during any season of the year will ensure that energy is not lost and that the environment is protected. Thousands of homeowners waste hundreds of dollars each year because they are heating homes that leak heat from the roof, windows, doors and even walls. Installing the proper R-value of insulation is an investment that will save energy on heating during winter as well as air conditioning during summer, ensuring that your home’s temperature stays consistent and your bills stay low.


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