What Cincinnati Insulation Companies Should Tell You Before an Install

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Valley Insulation is one of the area’s top Cincinnati insulation companies. We install residential and commercial insulation for new and existing construction. In today’s blog from Valley Insulation, we explain what Cincinnati insulation companies should tell you before an install.

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Types of Insulation

Various types of insulation work better depending on where they’re going. Blow-in insulation, such as Nu-Wool cellulose insulation, works best in attics and walls. Foam board insulation may go in the roof or exterior of commercial buildings. Your chosen Cincinnati insulation company should explain to you precisely what insulation is going where.

How Long It Should Take

Based on the square footage of your facility, a Cincinnati insulation company can determine how long an installation should take. Keep in mind this is just an estimate. If something unexpected happens or there are complications, an installation may take longer.


The best Cincinnati insulation companies clean up after themselves. That’s true with Valley Insulation. We vacuum up every last bit of cellulose insulation and we recycle it to use for our next project once we’re done with your place.

Free Estimate

You shouldn’t sign a contract with a Cincinnati insulation company without first figuring out how much it will cost. The pros at Valley Insulation will come to your home or business, take measurements, see how hard or easy it will be to get in and out, and then give you an accurate estimate based on materials and labor. The final costs may be subject to change.

How to Prepare

Preparing for new insulation installation is crucial for success. This is particularly true for existing structures that are already occupied. If you’re getting wall insulation, move furniture to the center of the room and remove any wall hangings. Attic insulation requires a clear path to the attic from the outdoors so we can run our vacuum tubing from the truck into your facility. Every Cincinnati insulation company will go over a to-do list for you before the contractor comes to your place on installation day.

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Contact Our Top Cincinnati Insulation Company

Valley Insulation has been in business since 1977, and we’re proud to be one of the top Cincinnati insulation companies in southern Ohio. We handle insulation installation and removal in almost any type of building. Contact Valley Insulation or call (513) 353-4100 to get a free quote.

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