Valley Insulation: Why Should I Insulate My Garage?

Important Reasons to Insulate Your Garage from Valley Insulation

It is a topic that most people don’t consider, but there are many reasons that insulating your garage is a very important part of the integrity and safety of your home. At Valley Insulation, we put customer safety first. We want you to have all the facts so you can make the best decision for your home and your family. Read on for more information in today’s blog from the pros at Valley Insulation.


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Protect Your Family from Exhaust and Fuel Fumes

Carbon monoxide in the air is an unavoidable byproduct of starting your car in the morning. When you start your car in an attached garage, the exhaust fumes from your car readily penetrate the walls between your home and your garage. It is important to prevent this from occurring, and that is why we recommend insulation and vapor barrier for any garage that shares a wall with your home.

In addition to carbon monoxide, there are other dangerous chemicals, fuels, and pesticides that are commonly kept in the garage. It is better to be safe and secure, and Valley Insulation is here to help.

Temperature Stabilization in Your Home

Properly insulating your attached garage is an important part of managing the temperature, humidity and air quality in your home. If a room in your home shares a wall with an uninsulated garage, it is very likely that the air in that room will be colder and damper, with noticeably lower air quality. At your request, Valley Insulation will perform a home insulation assessment, and we will provide detailed recommendations for steps you can take to ensure the air quality is effectively managed throughout your home.

Protect Plumbing in Your Home

If your home has plumbing that runs through the garage or plumbing in the shared wall between your home and garage, it is highly recommended that you consider insulation solutions from Valley Insulation. Even if the plumbing is within the shared wall, it is still vulnerable to freezing and cracking, causing major damage to your home and significant costs to repair.

Protect Your Equipment

Many pieces of equipment that are commonly stored in the garage are vulnerable to winter weather temperatures. Gardening equipment such as lawn mowers and weed trimmers must be drained of fuel and winterized before storage in freezing temperatures. Hoses must be carefully drained of water so that they do not freeze and rupture. Battery operated power tools are vulnerable to freezing temperatures and leaking battery acid which will destroy the tool.

Insulating your garage means that all of these tools can be safely stored all year round. The tools are accessible to use during the winter if they are needed, and they will be much easier to get up and running again when spring rolls around.

Enjoy Year-Round Use

The home garage is a place for storage and parking your car, but it is also a place where you get things done. Whether you are a craftsman with a workshop or you enjoy fitness and have exercise equipment in the garage, an insulated garage means that you can get things done all year round.


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Valley Insulation is Here to Help

At Valley Insulation, we believe that the integrity and safety of the home is of paramount importance. We want our customers to be absolutely safe and secure at home because home is a place for comfort and relaxation. With more than 40 years of trusted professional experience, Valley Insulation will do what it takes to make sure your whole family is comfortable and protected, so you can rest easy. To schedule a home assessment, contact the experts at Valley Insulation today.

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