Valley Insulation: Signs You Need to Re-Insulate Your Home

Most people rarely actually look at their home insulation. Most of it is behind drywall or up in the attic. Since you are not looking at it or physically interacting with it, it’s not always easy to know when it is no longer working effectively.


At Valley Insulation, our pros know that if insulation is failing, there will be certain signs that present themselves — perhaps subtly at first, but then it will become more and more problematic. If your home insulation needs to be replaced, Valley insulation has the knowledge and expertise you need. So how do you know? Read on as Valley Insulation shares some signs that your home may need new insulation.


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Your AC and Furnace Seem to Never Shut Off

Insulation is often associated with keeping heat inside during the winter months. It’s easy to forget that insulation is designed to keep your home temperature balanced year round. So if your system seems to never shut off, or you shut it off and the temperature in your home quickly rises, you’re probably losing money on your utility bills. That money would be better spent getting your insulation replaced.


Some Rooms Are More Comfortable Than Others

Not all insulation in every room fails at the same rate. Maybe you notice that you have to turn up the heat to get your family room a comfortable temperature, but then your bedroom turns into a hot box. The most likely explanation for this is that the insulation in your family room is compromised, and the insulation in your bedroom is not. If you’re feeling drafts in certain rooms, that’s also an indication of failing insulation.


Ice Dams on the Edge of Your Roof

If your attic and roof are poorly insulated, ice dams can be a costly way to find out. In the winter, poorly insulated attics become warm because heat rises. When this heat warms up your attic, it also escapes through the roof, melting snow in the process. Since the outer edge of the roof is still cold, all of the water runs to the edge and freezes. This is called an ice dam, and it can destroy your roof and gutters.


Attic Moisture

If you are finding water in your attic, or water is coming from your attic through your ceiling, chances are it may be due to an insulation problem. Poor insulation can allow moisture to condense. Not only can this damage your ceiling, but it can also cause mold to form if the problem isn’t dealt with quickly.


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Valley Insulation Can Help

If you are experiencing any of these telltale signs of failing insulation, Valley Insulation can help. The expert team at Valley Insulation has over 40 years of experience. We also have professional accreditations to back up our experience. If you feel your home or business needs the insulation replaced, contact Valley Insulation today.

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