Valley Insulation Explains Why You Need Proper Air Sealing to Lower Your Utility Bills

Before you add new home insulation or commercial insulation to your property, you must seal any air that may transfer between the inside and outside of your building. Air that travels freely between the structure and the outside reduces the effectiveness of your insulation and can even negate new insulation. In today’s blog from Valley Insulation, we explain why you need proper air sealing to lower your utility bills.


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1. Helps Prevent Settling


Cellulose insulation like Nu-Wool may settle over time (usually several years). In walls, this settling can reduce the effectiveness of insulation if it’s installed incorrectly. Without proper sealing, air movement occurs inside the cavities within walls, causing insulation to settle faster. Air sealing helps prevent settling, which helps maintain the optimal level of cellulose insulation installed by Valley Insulation. Your building needs the correct level of insulation to lower your utility bills as much as possible.


2. Keeps Bugs Out


Small gaps that let air into your home may also bring bugs, such as ants, termites, moths, or even bees. Once pests get into your walls, attic, or crawlspace, they can hamper the properties of insulation. Insects can chew on, tear, and carry away insulation fibers as they construct a nest in your building. Air sealing keeps bugs out of the structure and out of the insulation. No bugs in the insulation means it works properly. Valley Insulation not only installs new commercial or home insulation, but we also remove old and damaged insulation that served as a home for bugs. Nu-Wool premium cellulose insulation installed by our techs is bug-resistant.


3. Stops Heat Transfer


The primary purpose of air sealing is to prevent heat transfer between your building and the outside. Air sealing keeps hot air out of your home in the summer and cold air away in the winter. Heat transfer is also the main purpose of home insulation. Air sealing, combined with premium cellulose insulation and an efficient HVAC system, gives you the best possible results for your utility bills.


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Valley Insulation and Quality Cellulose Insulation

Valley Insulation can give you tips and advice on how to seal the air around your home. You might need to caulk around the windows, siding, foundation, electrical outlets, pipes, and more. Flashing around your chimney and flue also helps. Contact Valley Insulation or call (513) 353-4100 for more information on what we can do for you, such as installing quality cellulose insulation for your home or commercial property.

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