Understanding Insulation Contractors and Their Industry

Insulation Contractor with Blow-In Insulation

Insulation contractors are specialists who install thermal insulation in a building. The purpose of commercial or home insulation is to reduce the heat transfer between the inside and outside of a structure or space. Insulation makes your air conditioning and heating more efficient, so you benefit from lower utility bills and a more comfortable indoor environment. Valley Insulation describes what it’s like to be a company of insulation contractors, so you can better understand what we’re all about.


Insulation contractors may specialize in one single type of commercial or home insulation, or the company might deal with several different types of insulation. Valley Insulation works primarily with Nu-Wool premium cellulose insulation. This blow-in insulation has a UL Class 1 fire rating, resists mold and insects, and provides one of the best R-values in the industry. Nu-Wool is also eco-friendly, and it works in attics and walls for new or existing buildings.

Company Structure

Some insulation contractors have owners who oversee various teams without getting involved in the daily process of the company. Hands-off owners let their project managers handle a bulk of the work, but that can lead to quality issues or substandard projects. Other companies feature an owner-operator who does a little bit of everything, from sales and marketing to planning and project management. Steve Jacob is our dedicated owner-operator, and he’s been an insulation contractor since 1977 when he founded Valley Insulation. Steve is involved in every detail of the company. He produces estimates for customers, handles customer service, and explains the details of each project for the customer.

Who Insulation Contractors Work With

Insulation contractors may narrow their focus to only work on new homes, existing homes, or commercial properties. Valley Insulation works with all types of buildings, and we make sure each project is done right. We install home insulation for new and existing residences, and we handle commercial insulation for clients in Greater Cincinnati, including Harrison, Cleves, Hebron, West Chester, Mariemont, and many more.

Knowing You Have a Great Insulation Contractor

Finding the best possible insulation contractor for your home or business is tricky because there are so many choices. Pick a company that has decades of experience in the industry, highly trained employees, and a top-quality product to install in your building. Customer service and customer satisfaction must also be a priority. Valley Insulation fits all of these criteria. 

Expert Insulation Contractors at Valley Insulation    

The expert insulation contractors at Valley Insulation get every job done right. We use top-quality cellulose insulation, we have more than 40 years of experience, and we answer all of your questions — from planning and estimating to completion and clean-up. Contact us or call (513) 353-4100 to start the conversation.

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