Reasons for New Commercial Insulation Aside from Saving Money

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Saving money on utility bills represents the top reason why businesses invest in new commercial insulation. High-quality and properly installed insulation can save on heating and cooling costs for decades to come. However, you have several other reasons for new commercial insulation aside from direct money savings on utilities. Valley Insulation explains in today’s blog.

Up to Code

Depending on the age of your building, new commercial insulation can bring your building up to code. The expert insulation installers at Valley Insulation remove any old insulation ahead of placing new insulation in your building. Replacing old insulation with cellulose insulation instantly updates your building to bring it up to more modern code requirements. High-quality Nu-Wool insulation or stiff Styrofoam boards create a modern upgrade without redoing the entire building. 


Our commercial insulation products work for many decades without any maintenance required. Nu-Wool also resists fires, insects, mold, and bacteria within walls. Thick insulation can deaden sound transmission between rooms. This creates quieter office spaces and conference rooms when people need privacy or better sound control for meetings.

Employee and Customer Safety

Modern commercial insulation contains fire-resistant and mold-resistant properties. These properties keep your workers and customers safer. Resisting fires could give everyone in your building more time to evacuate should the unthinkable happen. Eliminating mold in your building improves the health of everyone who enters your facility. Comfort also comes into play here when your building maintains ideal temperatures on hot or cold days. Comfortable workers enjoy coming to the office and work more productively.

Sustainability Goals

Customers like to invest in brands that tout corporate social responsibility. One way to show your firm believes in social responsibility revolves around sustainability goals. New commercial insulation offers a way to achieve these goals by lowering your utility bills. Lower utility bills could lessen your carbon footprint if the power plant burns coal or natural gas to generate power. Nu-Wool cellulose insulation contains 85 percent post-consumer content from newspapers. Your investment in our commercial insulation keeps more waste out of landfills.

New Commercial Insulation From Valley Insulation

Valley Insulation is your go-to expert for new commercial insulation. We have more than 40 years of experience in the industry, and our employees take care of each and every customer. Call (513) 353-4100 or contact Valley Insulation for more details.

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