Investing Your Income Tax Return in Home Insulation

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Investing money to save money is always a good long-term strategy. If you plan to live in your house for the next decade or two, investing in new home insulation now is a great way to save money on your utility bills and earn reliable ROI. Today’s blog from Valley Insulation explains how to invest an income tax return in home insulation.

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Begin With an Energy Audit

Check with your local utility company. They might offer a free energy audit by examining your utility bills and then coming out to your residence. They’ll outline things you can do to save money, including whether or not you need better home insulation.

Receive a Quote

Talk to the reputable insulation companies in your area, and ask them to provide a free estimate. Valley Insulation will come out to your property, take measurements, assess what you already have, and give you an estimate for the work. We’ll take into account removing old insulation, the amount of new insulation your home needs, and any additional details that are unique to your project.

Start Saving Immediately

Lowering your utility bills means the savings start immediately after we install home insulation. Check your utility bill, note the reduced kilowatt-hours you are using, and then enjoy the corresponding cash savings. Combined with an efficient HVAC system, you’ll save even more when you invest in new home insulation. The longer you own your home, the more you save.

See an Example

Let’s say you receive an income tax return of $3,000. You invest $2,000 of that in new home insulation. Your utility bill drops by $35 the month following the installation, and that savings continues. Your investment pays for itself in just five years. Your actual results may vary, and it may depend on other factors aside from insulation, such as managing your thermostat, the efficiency of your HVAC system, and the weather in Cincinnati. 

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