Insulation Solutions for Condos and Townhomes

Installing Insulation in Condos and Townhomes

Far too often, many condominiums and townhomes tend to skimp on their installation investment during the construction process. This will result in spaces with poor thermal barriers and insufficient sound dampening between units. In today’s blog, Valley Insulation will discuss why contacting a professional insulation company will not only save you money in the long-term but also benefit your daily life at home in a big way.


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How to Measure Your Current Insulation Quality

Have you noticed your energy bills spiking during colder months? In Cincinnati, we often deal with brutal winters, and poorly insulated living spaces will cause a lot of trouble when it comes to staying warm during cold weather. If you also notice an excessive amount of noise from your neighbors, that is another sign that you may have poor quality insulation in the walls between units.

If you are still unsure, a qualified contractor can verify the insulation quality of your condo using an infrared camera. Thermal images can provide you with valuable information regarding the condition of the thermal barrier of your building.

What to do if Your Insulation Quality is Lacking

There are multiple remediation steps you can take to address poor insulation in your condo or townhome. For instance, a contractor can replace old fiberglass insulation with densely-packed cellulose to improve energy-efficiency.

It can also be a good idea to caulk your windows and door openings with low expansion foam or sealant to reduce air intrusion into your condo or townhome. Make sure you check with your landlord or condo association to ensure that insulation alterations are permissible.


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Alternative Options

If your landlord or condo association does not allow modifications of the existing insulation, you may want to consider installing another layer of drywall over your existing wall. Insulation can often be installed between the walls.

If the biggest issue you have with your living situation is noise transfer between units, and insulation is not allowed, you may want to consider installing soundboards onto your existing walls. These are easily removable and can help to dampen sounds from your neighbors. This is not as effective as added professional drywall, but if it is your only option soundboards are better than nothing.

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