Insulation and the Older Home

Insulation and the Older Home

Older homes are often architecturally beautiful, and may even have a few structural secrets. Unfortunately, older homes may also have faulty insulation or no insulation at all. If your home needs an insulation overhaul, Valley Insulation LLC details how you can begin the process.


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Why Should I Insulate My Old House?

Insulating an older home comes with a host of benefits. First, a well insulated older home costs less to maintain than a poorly insulated one. In order to increase your home’s energy efficiency, keep your insulation up to date. An older home may be completely void of insulation in key areas like the attic, crawlspace, and even in the walls. This can cause normal temperatures to seem extreme and uncomfortable. Updating your insulation can also increase the value of your older home. Additionally, adding new insulation can help prevent future moisture damage, which is often a serious issue in older homes. Removing and replacing old insulation can also protect members of your household from mold.

What Are My Insulation Options?

It is important to have an expert assess your insulation needs. They may need to remove damaged insulation before new insulation can be installed. You can tell if you need insulation replacement if you see any discoloration, smell mildew, or if an expert verifies that your current insulation is inadequate. If you notice any significant sagging or breakdown in your current insulation, it is possible to add additional insulation over the top of the older insulation as long as it does not lead to excessive sagging. An expert will help you to identify if removal needs to occur or if existing insulation can be added to.


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