How Soundproof Insulation Works

Soundproof Insulation for Entertainment Room

Soundproof insulation and noise-reduction insulation work by lessening the vibrations that cause sound. This can make your home more comfortable by keeping extraneous sounds, such as noises from traffic, airplanes, and lawnmowers, from invading your home. You can enjoy your movies and television shows better, and your nights are more comfortable as you try to sleep. Valley Insulation explains how soundproof insulation works in your home or commercial property.

Sound Science

Sound travels in waves, much like waves of light or water. You can easily block waves of light with curtains, blinds, and walls. Blocking sound is a bit more problematic because noise comes from vibrations in various materials. Sound travels more efficiently through certain materials, such as air, wood, brick, and metal. The goal of soundproof insulation is to reduce the vibrations that cause sound to travel.

Absorbing or Dampening Sound

There are two main ways to reduce the sound coming into your home or business. Some materials, such as rubber, can absorb sound and prevent it from traveling farther. This type of soundproofing typically comes in a rubber mat that goes into a wall. The other way to reduce noise is to dampen it. That’s what we do with soundproof insulation at Valley Insulation. Nu-Wool premium cellulose insulation dramatically reduces the movement of sound from one room to an adjacent room. We fill wall cavities with blow-in insulation from top to bottom until the material fills in as much space as possible. Our material keeps sound vibrations to a minimum.

Rooms and Buildings Ideal for Soundproof Insulation

Rooms and buildings that produce a lot of interior noise or are located near exterior noise are perfect for soundproof insulation. Hospitals, churches, apartment buildings, condos, offices, schools, and nursing homes all benefit from soundproof insulation as commercial spaces. Rooms in your home that should have wall insulation that deadens sound include an entertainment room, den, laundry room, bedroom, and utility rooms with noisy water pipes. This type of wall insulation keeps exterior noises out and interior noises in.

Soundproof Insulation from Valley Insulation

Valley Insulation uses Nu-Wool cellulose insulation as sound deadening insulation. We install this soundproof insulation in attics, walls, and crawl spaces of homes and commercial properties. Contact us or call (513) 353-4100 to find out more about our expert insulation services.

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