Why Home Insulation Is Not a DIY Project

Why Home Insulation Is Not a DIY Project

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Many homeowners are tempted to try home insulation on their own. Though it may seem like an easy task, installing insulation properly does take time, training, and expertise. Yes, just about anyone can shove insulation behind their drywall, but they may not fill the space properly. They might not find important air leaks or other areas of concern and address those problems. If you choose to go it alone and opt for insulating your own home, you might end up paying for it in the long run.

Inefficient Insulating

The most common issue when homeowners forego professional help with their home insulation project, inefficient insulating will bring about higher heating and air conditioning bills than anyone wants. Inefficient insulating commonly occurs in DIY projects because most homeowners don’t have the experience to properly judge how much insulation is needed. When the insulation teams at Valley Insulation LLC replace a DIY job, we almost always find spaces left unfilled. Spaces left unfilled or filled to a less than perfect density result in much higher energy bills in the future. You end up paying more month-by-month than you would pay a contractor up front.


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Fire Hazard

Improper home insulation installation can result in serious fire hazards. Although cellulose insulation has a slim chance of catching on fire when compared to foam insulation, placing cellulose too close to wiring or light fixtures can be dangerous. Valley Insulation offers Nu-Wool cellulose, which has a UL Class 1 fire rating. If you want the safest insulation option Valley Insulation LLC is the insulation provider for you. We have over 40 years of experience and will know where to place insulation to maximize your efficiency without risking your safety.

Safety During and After The Home Insulation Process

Fiberglass, especially, can be harmful. Professionals know how to properly handle fiberglass insulation. We also know how to properly install both cellulose and fiberglass insulation in such a way that it reduces the likelihood of wetness and mold in your home. Improper home insulation can result in mold cropping up in your home or in hive outbreaks while you try installing it yourself. Be safe. Leave it to the professionals. We have been handling insulation for nearly half a century, and we can install it in your home at an affordable price.


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Get the Job Done Right with Valley Insulation LLC

If you want a home insulation job done quickly, efficiently, and safely, trust the best in town. With 40 years of experience serving your local Cincinnati, Ohio, community, Valley Insulation are just the team for your insulation needs. We provide cellulose insulation at competitive prices. Contact our team today to get started on a warmer-in-the-winter, cooler-in-the-summer, and altogether more energy efficient home.

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