Exterior Wall Insulation

What’s Up With Exterior Wall Insulation?

Is your home a bit too cold? You may have an issue with your exterior wall insulation. In this blog, Valley Insulation LLC provides you with information on how you can improve the overall temperature of your home by updating your exterior wall insulation.


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Why Is It Important for Your Home?

If you live in an older home, you might have little or no insulation in the exterior walls of your home. Are your energy bills spiking this winter? Have you noticed any mold on your walls and possessions? If rooms of your home are uncomfortable, you need to take action. So, how can you tell if your exterior walls are insulated? Simply shut off the power in an exterior room and remove an electrical outlet cover. Use a flashlight to check the edges of the outlet. Do you see dingy, compacted or sparse insulation? Time to replace it! Nothing there at all? You need to insulate right away!

Insulation Information

If you are concerned about how you can best insulate, it is a good idea to look into hiring an expert to help you access the amount of insulation that needs to be used. It could be a good investment to bring in a home energy auditor to ensure that you are insulating the appropriate areas of your home. Cellulose insulation is a great method to use because it allows small spaces to be filled with insulation to prevent moisture damage and drafts.


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