Why Crawl Space Insulation is Key to Having Warm Floors

Why Crawl Space Insulation is Key to Having Warm Floors

Floor warm enough to walk on from crawl space insulation

If you find yourself shivering and wrapping yourself in a blanket in the middle of your living room, you might wonder if you need a new home insulation job. This could be the case. If you recently had insulation contractors put blow-in insulation in your walls and attic, however, you are probably looking in the wrong direction. Try looking down. Yes, crawl space insulation actually matters quite a bit when it comes to keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Most Crawl Spaces Lead to the Outdoors

Your crawl space probably has an access point allowing you to reach it from the outdoors. This means that any air leaks in your floor will let air out into not only your crawl space but also outside. You might as well have a crack in your door or your windows slightly open. You should try to find and fix any air leaks, yes, but you might want to also consider crawl space insulation. Fixing leaks will only do half the job. The cold air of your crawl space right beneath your floor will still sap more heat than most of us like.


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How Does Crawl Space Insulation Work?

Crawl space insulation works much the way all insulation works. You can think of it in two ways. Your crawl space insulation can function the same way as traditional wall insulation or it can function the way your attic does. For best results, you should think of it the same way you would the attic, but here, at Valley Insulation LLC, we want to share with you both options.

Similar to Walls

In the simplistic approach, you will insulate the floor beneath your feet across the entire house. This will act as a barrier between the air in your crawl space and the air in your home. This approach keeps the air in your crawl space the same temperature as the outdoors. If you live in cold-climate areas, this might cause your pipes to freeze. The cold could potentially damage some of the mechanisms beneath your home. Neither does this option keep your home as insulated as the other option.

Similar to Attic

If you think of your crawl space insulation the same way you think about insulating your attic, then you can approach the problem in a different way. How do you seal the entire crawl space from the outdoors? The ideal version of this approach will have you insulating your the walls of your crawl space. This way, the entire space beneath your home acts like a large air pocket of insulation against the cold. With your crawl space at room temperature, the coldest part of your home will now be the crawl space walls to the outdoors, not your floorboards.


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Get the Insulation You Need

The Valley Insulation LLC team in Cincinnati, Ohio, has the skills and experience to insulate your home in the manner that is best for you and your family. If you want to save money on your heating and a/c bills this upcoming year, don’t hesitate. Contact us today.

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