Advantages of Installing Commercial Insulation

Commercial insulation for a new or existing building does several things for your business. The most obvious is that it saves your company money over the long term by lowering utility bills. However, the advantages go beyond just saving money due to better temperature control. Valley Insulation explains several advantages of commercial insulation for your building.


Maximized Investment

The thermal performance of commercial insulation maximizes your R-value per dollar you invest. Not only must you install the correct thickness of insulation to achieve the right amount of R-value, but you need to seal air from every part of your facility for the insulation to achieve maximum effectiveness. Your calculations must take into account the settling of materials, air infiltration, R-value per inch of thickness, and the cost of the installation to maximize your investment.


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Fire Protection

Look for commercial insulation with a Class 1 fire rating. This makes your facility more resistant to the spread of fire, should an unfortunate fire break out. Insurance companies may take a look at the type of insulation in the structure when determining how much you pay for business insurance that covers your facility. If you point out to your insurance carrier that you have the highest fire rating available, you might see lower insurance premiums. You can also say that your building is up to the proper codes.


Acoustic Control

Commercial insulation reduces sound transmission within your building. This lets your employees enjoy a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere without any echoes of noise or any sounds coming from other rooms. Insulation is an easy way to add sound control measures without altering the structure of your building if you have existing construction.


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Better Health for Employees

Precise temperature control and a relaxed atmosphere lend to better overall health for your employees. There’s no more guessing about whether someone should wear a sweater or put on shorts. Reduced noise transmission could lead to fewer headaches that come from too much sound. When your workers are happier and healthier, they are more productive and spend fewer sick days away from work. Commercial insulation could actually improve production from your employees.


Commercial Insulation from Valley Insulation

Our team of experts at Valley Insulation can inspect your existing facility or go over plans for your new construction ahead of installing commercial insulation. We go over the plan, outline what cost savings you may find, and make the installation as hassle-free as possible. Call us at (513) 353-4100 or contact us online to see how we can improve your business.

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