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Valley Insulation and Nu-Wool Wallseal™ are your choice for high-quality, energy saving Wall Spray insulation to The Greater Cincinnati Tri-State area. Any type of wood frame, furring strips, or metal studs can be sprayed with the Wall Spray system.

What is Nu-Wool Wallseal?
Nu-Wool Wallseal is a spray-in-place insulation that is applied to the wall cavities of new construction. The Wallseal is made of recycled paper. It is non-toxic, mold resistant, fire resistant, high in R-Value and an insulation with proven performance standards.

How is Nu-Wool Wallseal different from other insulation materials?
Nu-Wool Wallseal is sprayed-in-place eliminating the air-pockets common with other insulation materials. Density, or weight per square foot, which is important in reducing air infiltration and increasing effective R-Value, is more consistent with the Nu-Wool Wallseal system. The contractor and customer can actually see the insulation in-place and know that all the area in a wall is insulated.

How does Nu-Wool Wallseal compare with fiberglass batt insulation?
An insulation’s effective R-Value is greatly reduced by air movement. In homes tested for air infiltration, by the use of blower-door tests, Wallseal homes are more resistant to air movement assuring the maximum effective R-Value of the insulation.

Choose Nu-Wool to ensure premium performance:

  • Nu-Wool is the Longest Running Cellulose Manufacturer
  • Environmentally Sound – Naturally GREEN product from a naturally GREEN manufacturer.
  • Energy Savings – Up to 40% on heating and cooling costs compared to fiberglass insulation.
  • Superior Sound Control – Notice the “quietness” with Nu-Wool
  • Competitively Priced – One of the best values on the market
  • Higher “Effective R-value”
  • Longer Fire Resistance – Industry leading firewall designs
  • Qualifies for LEED and Green Built
  • UL Classified – Nu-Wool is the longest running UL classified product in the cellulose insulation industry
  • Savings vary. Find out why in seller’s factsheet on R-values. Higher R values mean greater insulation power.

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