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R-Value is the measure of how well an insulation product resists the flow of heat and cold through it. A machine in a laboratory gives a relative number that can be used to compare products, but a laboratory R-value does not tell everything you need to know about the effectiveness of those products. Insulation in buildings is affected by air movement, and it is also degraded by any convection forces that develop within the insulation material.

Some insulation materials, through installation, may have more leaks, reducing the “Effective R-Value.” Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation, when properly installed, greatly reduces air leakage – providing a superior R-value in “real world” environments, where it counts.

The Features of Cellulose R-Value, 3.8 Per Inch Insulation:

Green Savings: Cellulose “Effective R-Value” results in savings of up to 40% on heating and cooling costs compared to fiberglass insulation. Cellulose also reduces air infiltration better than conventional insulation materials, creating energy efficient buildings that feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Air Leakage: Research shows that air leakage into and out of the building envelope is a primary factor in moisture accumulation and heat loss. Because air infiltration can account for 25% to 45% of the total heat loss in a typical house, the R-value of an insulation material alone is not a true measure of its effectiveness.

When properly installed, Premium Cellulose Insulation greatly reduces air leakage – providing superior R-value in “real world” environments, where it counts.

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